Shooting  Disciplines

Miami Rifle and Pistol Club has many specific disciplines of shooting. Each discipline has its own Match Director, organized weekend matches and often weekday evening league matches.

For specific information about a discipline, the contact information for the match director, the schedule of matches or the scores from previous matches, look within the respective discipline's page.

To see a complete listing of matches and schedules by date please see the club calendar.

To learn more about what Miami Rifle & Pistol Club has to offer for a particular discipline please choose from a menu option on the left.

A signed Liability Release Form is required for a non-member competitor or a non-member spectator each calendar year and for each shooting discipline. Click here for the Liability Release Form.  LINK

500/600 Yard Certification
Members or Competitors not qualified to shoot from the 600 yard firing point must complete the certification class before competing in the 600 yard match. 

Three certification classes are scheduled for 2014.
03/29/2014, 08/30/2014, 11/29/2014

Classroom instruction will start at 9am and will consist of a short introduction and questions. Each student will have to shoot prone at 300 yds to establish a good zero and then will be required to adjust for 600 yds. In order to qualify a student will have to be on target in 2 shots and then put 10 shots in the scoring rings on a standard 600 yd target from the prone position. If the student uses a rest they will only be certified to shoot 600 yds with a rest. If the student doesn’t qualify they may attend the next class and try again.


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