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I am completely new to the world of long distance shooting (long being anything over 100 yards) and have some scope questions.  I've been considering joining MR&PC and am especially considering it seeing the pics and info regarding the Varmint League.  I'm in the process of building a long range AR 15 and was curious what power scopes you guys are using for this competition?  I dont have a huge budget for a scope right now, but am considering a Weaver V24 or a Vortex Viper 6.5-20.  Would either of these be suitable?  Any advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. 

I would recommend at least 24X for the Varmint matches. The Bushnell Elite 4200 is a great scope. Lots of guys are using 36X or more like the Weaver T-36 or Nightforce 12-42. You are welcome to come to a Varmint match as a non-member and check it out or shoot with us.

Dave Spurlock

Thank you for the reply.  I may take you up on the offer to come watch.  When is the next varmint match?  My gun is not complete yet.  I will be ordering my upper from WhiteOak in a week or 2.  Mr Holliger said it would be 8 weeks or so before I'd receive it.  Cant wait to get it going though. 

The next match is Sept. 6th at 5:30 PM.

We start the winter shoots November 12th (2nd Saturday mornings), and your AR would be just the ticket for the .223 class.


I havent forgotten about you guys.  I just finally received the upper for my gun.  Picked up a scope and some reloading equipment.  Should have it up and running soon. 


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