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Winter Varmint Pre-Registration


Starting with the March 9th Winter Varmint match, we are implementing a
pre-registration/ reservation system. We have a limit of 24 shooters, and
unfortunately the last couple of times we have had to turn some people away. So
in order to insure a spot you may pre-register with me via email, phone or at
the prior match. 
At 8:00am on match day your reservation will expire if you are not present in
the clubhouse. Any shooters arriving after 8:00 will be signed in on a first
come basis with any remaining open slots.
This is an effort to prevent people from coming to the match and being
disappointed. If we fill up, you will know ahead of time and save a trip.
Some have asked about opening up a 3rd relay or otherwise changing the format to
allow more shooters. I am always open for suggestions, but I do not want to
diminish the quality, or extend the time of our shoots.
Thanks guys. See you soon,


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