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powder in stock locally


Does anyone know of a local gun store that has Alliant Blue Dot Powder and/or Hodgdon Titewad in stock?

Thanks, Jim & Doug Kammerer

David Reichle:
      Titewad???? ???
  I was just over at Genamy Guns and he has everything on order that is possible to order I believe and it is a big zilch! He does have some rifle powder though. Do as one person we know and start loading up with black powder. ;D
 Good Luck!

The Alliant Blue Dot Powder is for the 475 Wildey

The Hodgdon Titewad is shotgun powder for Cowboy

Kevin Sanders:
The best supply I ever find locally is country attic treasures in south lebanon. I buy so much that I rarely buy locally anymore, I just order in bulk when I find it in stock. Gunbot is your friend for shopping online.


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