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CCI #34 primers


Anybody use the CCI #34 military type primers in reloading for M1 Garands, M1A's etc?  Some say they are not neccessary.  Any opinions?
W. Clark

I shot the M-1A for years, loaded thousands of rounds with Winchester LR and never a problem. Does this mean one can"t occur, absolutely not. Reloading is never 100% one way verse another. They say a M-1A will not fire out of battery however I have personally witnessed it and observed the rear of the receiver obliterated. The CCI 34 is a Magnum primer so load accordingly. If slam-fires are your concern there are several other factors to consider detailed on CCIs web site.

34's not necessary, they have harder cup for floating firing pins and they are hot primers, i drop powder charge .5gr when using them. they are best for ball powder. no different accuracy than any other non br primer.


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