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Kevin D:

This next Saturday, 22 March we'll be having a work party to get the Bullseye range in shape for the coming outdoor season.  Doug and Greg are showing up with some equipment to trench a new drain line for the turning pit that's filled with water.  We should be there to run gopher projects for them and pull all the posts, lube and paint them.  And hopefully ensure the pneumatic cylinder and solenoid is in working order.

You might bring some hand tools for the turning mechanism; I'll bring a bumper jack and strapping to pull up the frozen posts; paint and rubber/cotton gloves for painting the posts; anything you can think of.

We'll be getting there at 0800 to kick things off.  Hope to see you there.  If you have any questions or input let me know.

Kevin Donahoe
flyingpigforge AT gmail/com

Kevin Sanders:
Just so you are in the loop and not totally surprised USPSA will be on the range setting up for Sunday's match as well. We will be in the area between the 25 and 50 lines.

How did you get permission to close the range at 8am? I'm not allowed on it until 1pm or later on Saturdays before a match. Just curious. I might need some extra time one of these months and it's nice to know I can close it earlier if needed.

Range maintenance which benefits all members who use the range is a condition in the range rules.
Setting up for a club match does not meet the same standard and is therefore scheduled on the club calendar.
If a match director has an extenuating reason for a range closure, then the match director makes a request to the board for a calendar change.
If the board determines that the request has merit, then the appropriate closures will be posted.

Kevin Sanders:
Good to know.


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