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I really loved the last R/F shoot. It is clear that I need a better scope. I was wondering if anyone had advice or better yet a leftover scope from when they upgraded? The Weaver T36 seems to be favored. Kinda hard to put a $400 scope on a $200 gun. Your thoughts?
thanks, Jon Parker

You need a 36x scope.  40-44mm.  Non-variable is fine.   I think any brand will do since you do not repeatability.  Big name ones like Weaver and Leupold are only needed when repeatability is needed.  For BR22 you set it at 50 yards and hardly ever move it.  A dot seems best, but crosshairs work fine.   Hunter

I have a BSA Platinum 36X44 Target/Hunter scope; it has crosshairs with 1/8 MOA dot reticle.  BSA# PT36X44T  sell for $80, it is in perfect shape Ill bring it to the next match if you are interested

Just received an email from Graf & Sons this afternoon, they have a BSA 36x44 on sale for $49.99.  You can go to for futher info.

motorjon68, I will sell mine to you for $50.  LRS


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