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Accuracy Requirements


Any idea what size 5 shot, 50 yard groups a rifle needs to be capable of to be competitive in RF benchrest?

They do not shoot groups of 5 or anything else.

The target has 25 set of rings for score plus sighters.

One shot per set of rings for a max score of 250.

Good score is 240;  which is 15 10's and 10 9's as an example.

10 is about the size of a 22; nine ring is about 1/2"

Don't have a target to get exact measurements but you can see how exact it has to be. 

I realize they probably don't shoot a lot of groups, just trying to get a translation from their world to the world of everyone else who does shoot groups. I've never heard anybody out side of their game tell me their .22 avgs 245 or whatever. People say things like "my rifle shoots 1/2" groups on average". I'm trying to figure out if that would be competitive or not.

If I build a rifle, what does it have to be capable of, without getting special targets.

If your gun will shoot 2/3" at 50 yards measured edge to edge you can potentially be competitive.


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