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There is a Highpower Clinic on the calendar for this coming Saturday the 8th at 9:00.  What is the format?  Is it all classroom, or is there some shooting?

MRPC Secretary:
JD,  This is actually John Grote using Beth's logon (my logon is not working for some reason).  I'll be one of the instructors for the clinic and feel free to email me at  There was a planned email blast for this clinic but it didn't get out.  So below is a long answer for your question which is actually the planned email blast.  Hope this helps.  Thanks, John

Precision High Power Rifle shooting is unique, engaging, and easy to participate in.  There will be a H-P Rifle clinic on Saturday, April 8th.  The purpose of this clinic is to draw interested members to this sport and by the end of our time together you’ll be ready to participate in this fulfilling sport.  Precision rifle shooting is in our DNA since the birth of this country.  As a member of MRPC you belong to one of the very few clubs that can offer world class High Power Rifle competition with many of our members competing successfully each year at the US National competitions.  If you’ve ever had a thought that it would be really fun to participate in an event like that this clinic is the place to start and your path to nationals is shorter than you would think ( maybe the summer of 2017? ).

This clinic is specifically to present the shooting sport discipline of High Power Rifle that complies with NRA and CMP rules.  If you don’t have a rifle don’t worry and don’t go and buy one until you attend the clinic.  Club rifles will be made available.  If you’re not sure if your rifle you may have is suited for High Power matches contact us with your questions.

The clinic will be presented by high power rifle competitors (not the best mind you, simply hooked on the sport) who are also certified rifle instructors for both CMP and NRA.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of the types of rifle that meets High Power competition rules, support equipment, shooting positions, use of the sling.  You’ll also learn match format we’ll shoot a match to put this into practice. Here is the clinic outline:

1. What is High Power Rifle?
2. Standard Course of Fire: NRA & CMP
3. Range Protocols
4. Types of Rifles
5. Support Equipment
6. Shooting Positions: Offhand, Sitting, Prone and that Sling
7. Sight Adjustment & Ammunition
8. The Pits & Scoring

Schedule: Date: Saturday, April 8, 2016
• 8:00 am to 8:30 am – check in & rifle safety check
• 8:30 am to 10:30 pm – Class time.
• 10:30 am to 11:30 – Shooting position practical training
• 11:30 to 12:00 pm - Break
• 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm – 30 round match shot at the 200 yd line.

The clinic is members only and limited to 20 individuals. Cost is $20 per person, juniors are free. Minimum age: 12 years. You’ll need rifle if you have one (AR, M1, or M1A) with iron sights / no scope, and will need 50 rounds of ammunition.

To register contact Mark Dorger, or John Grote,

To all interested in the HP Rifle Clinic this Sat, 4/8,

My forum logon is back up.  If you have questions about the HP Rifle clinic coming up on 4/8 let me know.

Thanks,  John

When are certification events for 500/600 yard ranges scheduled for 2017?

The 600 yd certification clinics are all on the calendar.  The last one was in March and the next one is Sat August 19th.  But keep in mind a person does NOT have to be 600yd certified to shoot in a match that has 500yd or 600yd as part of it's course of fire. 

The certification is only for a club member to who wants to practice independently outside of matches when there is not a match director present.  The reason for the certification is to learn the MRPC range safety protocols for those yardage positions.  If you're interested in HP rifle matches please come out to Wed league or one of the many club matches.  Hope this helps.


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