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Author Topic: Power Gate Instructions  (Read 8355 times)

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Power Gate Instructions
« on: September 20, 2014, 10:15:28 PM »

Today, the board is pleased to announce that the Power Operated Front Gate for MRPC is complete and will be made operational.
I echo the cheers from members as this enhancement will make accessing the club easier for members and more difficult for trespassers.

The power gate will be placed in service on Tuesday, September 23rd.

What you need to know!

The new gate requires a FIVE Digit Access Code as compared to our current mechanical gate with a FOUR Digit Access Code.
To make this transition SIMPLE, the new access code adds a ZERO (0) in front of the current gate access code.

Until the OLD GATE is REMOVED on the October 4th work day, please operate your vehicle carefully around the old poles. 
It is suggested that you exit your vehicle to enter the gate code into the new keypad until the old pole is removed.

Additional Information:
We have prepared written instructions (attached below) along with a short instructional video at this YouTube web address for your benefit.
Please take three minutes to review this video.

Send your questions to
Thank you,

Doug Utsch
MRPC President.
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Re: Power Gate Instructions - Member Questions
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 12:49:12 PM »

Question: how about multiple cars going thru the gate?  does each car have to go thru separately or can multiple cars go thru at one time? 
Answer: After the gate opens, a line of cars may pass through the gate without having to enter the access code for each car. 
How does this work? While the gate is OPEN, each time a car passes over a vehicle sensor buried in the driveway, the gate close delay timer is reset.  After the last car passes over the vehicle sensor, the delay timer will count down and when it reaches zero, the signal to close the gate is made.

Question:  if multiple cars can go thru at one time, then there is no procedure to check everyone's membership card.  so, as a member, if someone is waiting at the front gate when I pull up to the gate, and they follow me in, we don't know if they are a member or not... !!! ???
Answer: As with any system, clever people will work on schemes to defeat it.  For convenience of members bringing out a guest to the club, we want the ability to have more than one vehicle pass through the gate at one time.  If however, there is a car waiting to gain access at the gate, and they follow you through uninvited, then you have the right and permission to ask to see their membership badge.  Every member is responsible for safety and security of the club.  If that person says they are meeting a member at the club, then it's that members responsibility to meet their visitor at the gate. 

Question: If a car is in the "gate movement area," will the gate stop moving? 
Answer: If a vehicle (including a motorcycle) is in the gate movement area (between the two posts), the gate will not close.  Vehicle loop sensors will detect the vehicle and the gate close signal is prevented.  If the gate is in the process of closing, then let the gate close, and then reopen the gate with the access code.    The Vehicle Loop Sensors and Safety Photo Eye are intended to prevent injury and damage and stop the gate from closing if these sensors detect an object present. 


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Re: Power Gate Instructions - Member Question
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2014, 12:55:10 PM »

Question: With no Access Code being issued in 2015 how will we be able to enter the club house?
Answer:  The club will still issue an access code each year for the members only section of the website and access to the club house.
The club house and website access code for 2015 will be printed on the membership badge.
Then, beginning in 2016, as part of membership renewal, you will receive a printed sticker to apply to your permanent membership badge.
Think of it like how Ohio Motor Vehicles does renewals for license plates.  That sticker will be printed with the access code for the club house and website.
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