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Lost Smith and Wesson Range Bag Black...Found and returned 12/19


Updated 12/19

Found and a member whose guest picked it up by mistake. Just realized it today. A very hearty thanks!!!

pdated 12/14/2015

Apparently I also left my spotting scope as well....again nothing expensive, just a cheap Bushnell.  There were a bunch of members and guests at the Benchrest range...the other possibility is that somebody picked up the range bag by mistake.  If you were there on 12/13 could you check and make sure you or a guest didn't pick up an extra bag by mistake? 

I left this on the Benchrest Range on the afternoon of Sunday December 13th.  Hoping one of the shooters to the right/left picked this up for safekeeping.  No items of value....but it will take me about 3 years of replacing small junk and the frustration of going "Oh yeah, it must have left that in my range bag that I lost".  If found you can reach me at 513 578 8039 (cell) anytime or email address

 Thanks for your help in advance.

I can't say enough about the member (Todd) who returned this...stand up guy belonging to a stand up Club!!!!


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